About Us

Solid Dosage

We are manufacturers and suppliers of dry and wet granulation equipments. Customers can choose from a range of Solid Dosage equipments and assemble a custom granulation line that will fit your production needs.

Liquid Line & Packaging Machinery

We offer a complete range of liquid line packaging machinery. Our strong focus on research and development and our in-house testing lab facilities differentiates us from our competition.

Since its inception, SSPM has been committed to continuous research to meet the challenging technical problems that arise in Pharmaceuticals and Drug Manufacturing. SSPM has developed a working partnership with many of its clients, listens to their problems and are continually striving to find the right solution. SSPM spends significant resources to develop better process and equipments.

For costumer’s assurance, we have developed In-house lab of complete granulation line for testing of material.

  • Sifter
  • RMG / Interchangable
  • FBD / FBP
  • Paste / Kettle
  • Co Mill / Multi Mill
  • Lab Blender (Interchangable)
  • Automated Coater (Interchangable)
  • Roll Compactor