Brief Description

“Sigma Coat” Lab Tablet coating system is an innovative answer to current need of Pharmaceutical tablet coating process. Compliance of cGMP, 21 CFR Part 11 most common needs like cleanliness, contamination aspects are key features of the equipment. The “Sigma Coat” is made to boost productivity & flexibility. It facilities users friendly operation, sets toughest safety standards for operation, equipment and environment. Lab model “Sigma Coat” is available from 1 Kg to 5 Kg capacity with a perception to accommodate the need of R & D, pilot scale manufacturing & production scale manufacturing.

Salient Features

  • In FLP Construction.
  • With solution tank, multi air pump, double skin AHU with Pre, Micro, HEPA filter. With steam and chilled coil.
  • With exhaust blower.
  • With wet scrubber assembly.
  • With Anti-Bearding Spray Gun of  Spraying System (USA make).

Optional Accessories

  • Documentation.
  • Steam Control Valve.
  • Chill Water Control Valve (De Humidification Valve).
  • Micro-Vee Filter Maintenance Monitoring.
  • HEPA Filter Maintenance Monitoring.
  • Coating Pan Chamber Negative Pressure Monitoring.
  • Silencer at Exhaust.
  • Air Velocity Measurement.
  • Inlet Air Humidity Measurement.

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