Brief Description

During the drug manufacturing process, milling is often required in order to reduce the average particle size in a drug powder. There are a number of reasons for this, including increasing homogeneity and dosage uniformity, increasing bioavailability, and increasing the solubility of the drug compound.

Salient Features

  • Size reduction mill in a vacuum rated design.
  • Detachable sieve design to accommodate user’s requirements.
  • Entire mill structure manufactured from SS-304.
  • All contact parts are manufactured from SS-316.
  • Equipment is designed on  trolley with PU castor wheel for ease of movement (02 wheel with brakes).
  • Very low noise level.
  • All the cleaning parts are easy to open without the use of spanner.

Optional Accessories

  • Documentation
  • Conical Sieve
  • Extra Set of Milling Blade (Multi Mill Impeller)
  • Multi Mill Sieve
  • Flame Proof Construction

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