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Tablet Inspection Machine

SSPM- Tablet Inspection machine is used for an efficient inspection of capsules and plain or coated tablets, also to manually identify and remove defective products. The operator can manually remove tablets with various defects, like broken, chipped, off-colour, contaminated or with foreign particle on the tablet surfaces.

The machine consists of following assemblies:
  • Tablet / Capsule Feed Hopper.
  • Vibratory De-Dusting Unit.
  • Visual Inspection Belt.
  • Fluorescent Light and Magnifying Glass.
  • Dust Collector – Optional.
  • Vacuum Pick up Assembly – Optional.
The tablets or caplets will be charged manually into the feed hopper. Discharge of feed hopper having manually operated butterfly valve to control tablets/ caplets volumes to be charged into in to a vibratory chute where a perforated screen eliminates coarse dust and chips which are then collected in a container. From vibratory tray, the tablets are transported to the inspection belt. Belt conveyor has brushing unit to separate tablets on the bed to easily inspect individual tablets. An inspection belt is installed with fluorescent tube light and magnifying glass, when tablet passes through the magnifying glass, the operator can easily identify the physical damages, which sometimes are not visible with usual eye sight. The physically damaged products are manually collected from the conveyor belt.

Alternatively, the operator can sort the damaged product and reject the same using the Vacuum Pick up arrangement. Vacuum pick up arrangement consists of venturi, which converts compressed air into vacuum and pick nozzle. It is available as an option with machine.