About Us

Solid Dosage

We are manufacturers and suppliers of dry and wet granulation equipments. Customers can choose from a range of Solid Dosage equipments and assemble a custom granulation line that will fit your production needs.

Liquid Line & Packaging Machinery

We offer a complete range of liquid line packaging machinery. Our strong focus on research and development and our in-house testing lab facilities differentiates us from our competition.

What do we do?

SSPM is a leading provider of Pharmaceutical and liquid packaging machinery. We design and manufacture Solid Dosage equipment (Wet & Dry Granulation) and Liquid Packaging machinery. Since its inception in 2000, SSPM has installed Pharmaceutical and Packaging machinery in over 35 countries spread across 4 continents; SSPM is now a globally recognized brand. SSPM equipments have consistently shown to improve production yields by an average of 18% and reduce maintenance and running cost by over 35%.

How do we do it?

We follow three simple principles to create top notch Pharmaceutical and packaging solutions backed up by a strong brand

  • Staying laser focused in a niche area (Granulation and Packaging machinery) and striving to be number one in the same
  • By actively listening to our customers problems and constantly trying to add value for our clients by investing in Research and Development of new and improved machinery
  • Hiring and retaining top talent across all departments and keeping them engaged

Why do we do it?

Engineers at heart the pioneers at SSPM remain passionate about developing cutting edge Pharmaceutical and Packaging machinery. We are NOT in the pursuit of success – rather we are in the pursuit of excellence. Nothing excites us more than hearing positive feedback and recognition from the industry for our Pharmaceutical solutions. This is what keeps the fire alive everyday and we constantly strive to improve our machinery and service to our customers..