Roller compactor generally consists of three major units

  • A Screw feeding system, which conveys the powder from hopper to the compaction area between the rolls.
  • A compaction unit, where powder is compacted between two counter rotating rolls by applying a force to convert powders into flakes.
  • A size reduction unit, for granulating flakes into the desired particle size. This can be offer Optionally at the discharge of compactor

Salient Features

  • Basic design of compactor is suitable for Encapsulated for Online process or same can be operate stand alone.
  • Main structure is made of SS 304.
  • All the contact parts are manufactured from SS – 316 & all non-contact parts are manufactured from SS-304
  • Twine screw design for better compaction.
  • Feed screws having speed regulator to ensure desired feed rate for compaction process.
  • Screw assemblies are equipped with tri-clover joint for ease of opening and cleaning.
  • Horizontal screw is driven through variable frequency drive for applying required proper material flow in to vertical feed screw zone through required RPM.
  • Vertical screw is driven through frequency drive for applying required compaction force through controlling of RPM.
  • Optionally we can provide Vacuum De aeration pot is provided at vertical feed screw zone , which help to reduce the air gap before compaction. Means the compaction is better at lower force Rollers and main shaft are made of SS 410 with well toughen.
  • One roller is floated through hydraulic pressure to ensure the required compaction throughout the process via Constant pressure.
  • Optionally we can also provide the roll gap measurement sensor.
  • Full rotational type Granulator is provided at the discharge of compactor on Davit Arm can be provided optionally.
  • Granulator is equipped with Variable frequency drive to ensure the required RPM for required quality of granules.
  • Easy opening for changing the required mesh for different compaction.
  • To control the heat at compaction zone optionally we can provide the Water Jacketed rollers optionally.

Optional Accessories

  • Flame Proof Construction
  • Water Jacket at Roll
  • Portable Chiller
  • Dry Granulator

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